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Act now by encouraging your MP to adopt a strong stance on supporting parents to protect their children online

Over the last couple of years, CARE has been involved in promoting child safety online. Recently, alongside the BBFC, we helped Baroness Howe move a number of amendments to the Digital Economy Bill, which raised the profile of the need for a more focused and systematic approach to protecting children online. Last year, CARE’s CEO, Nola Leach, spoke at a one day conference in Parliament organized by Safermedia on the effects of pornography.

Following the conference, Claire Perry, MP for Devizes, secured an adjournment debate on the issue. Subsequently, the Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey MP, called for a roundtable discussion with Internet Service Providers to ask them what they will do about filtering inappropriate content online to households that do not want to access such content.

To read for free what the Minister said, go to the Guardian report here.  The Sunday Times has the full interview, though that article is behind a paywall.  It can be accessed here.

CARE is asking their supporters to write to their MP and raise concerns they might have  over the importance of ensuring ISPs help parents support their children to keep safe online. Please raise these concerns with your MP and ask them to support the introduction of an opt-in/opt-out system of filtering, at ISP level, of age-inappropriate content to households where such content is not wanted.

To find out how you can write to your MP, go to

Please do mention Claire Perry’s idea and note Ed Vaizeys comments, asking your MP to do what they can to encourage online child protection.

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