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The Christian charity CARE publishes new polling today demonstrating that those who support assisted suicide in principle switch to opposition when presented with the reality of assisted suicide in practice. The polling shows that the level of support for assisted suicide rapidly dwindles from 73% to 43% overall when evidence is offered about the nature […]

Today the fourth Online Safety Bill proposed by Baroness Howe has been published in her determined bid, supported by the charity CARE, to ensure children have proper protection online, especially from explicit video sites. Following a report by ATVOD (The Authority for Television on Demand) highlighting the disturbingly high level of exposure of children to […]

Anti-trafficking charity CARE welcomes the publication of the long-awaited Modern Slavery Bill which, in contrast with an earlier version, has a new focus on the victims of human trafficking thanks to the tenacity of campaigners. The Draft Bill, published in December, concentrated on increasing the number of prosecutions and convictions for human trafficking and slavery […]

Live and Let Live is CARE’s new campaign to inform and equip Christians to take action on issues relating to the end of life, ahead of renewed political attempts to change the law to legalise assisted suicide across the UK. Brand new campaign resources will help Christians explore and understand the Biblical view of assisted […]

CARE welcomes the publication of today’s report by the Justice Committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly in support of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill proposed by Lord Morrow. Following intense scrutiny of the Private Member’s Bill over the last six months, 17 of the 19 clauses designed to strengthen the law on tackling human […]

With the European Parliament elections less than a month away, CARE has launched a dedicated website to help Christians engage with the opportunity to vote on 22 May 2014 and boost the total UK turnout which was just 34.5% in the last elections in 2009. Voters looking for who the candidates are for their region, […]

CARE warmly welcomes the fact that Parliament has today voted for the provision of transferable allowances for married couples and encourages MPs to support a move towards a fully transferable allowance as soon as possible. The transferable allowance, which will allow a non-working spouse to transfer 10% of their tax allowance to their working spouse, […]

CARE’s European Representative, David Fieldsend, is attending the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly plenary session in Strasbourg this week.  He is delighted to be able to report that this influential Assembly has now followed the example set by the European Parliament in February and passed a resolution advocating the so-called ‘Nordic Model’ of legislation for […]

CARE welcomes the news that Peers from across all parties have voted to introduce child trafficking guardians this afternoon in an amendment to the Immigration Bill in the House of Lords. Following pressure from a coalition of charities including CARE, Peers have voted by 282 to 184 to give greater protection to trafficked children who, […]

The social policy charity CARE has warmly welcomed today’s Budget announcement on the introduction of a transferable allowance for married couples which means family responsibility will be recognised within the tax system for the first time since 2000. However, the charity warns of continued discrimination against one-earner families perpetuated by successive Coalition Budgets. CARE’s Chief […]