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‘The end justifies the means’. This is a phrase which is often thrown around when ethically or morally contentious issues are discussed both in parliament and the world outside the Westminster bubble. Such is the case with the issue of three-parent children, mitochondrial donation or whichever other phrase you might like to use to describe […]

With just 100 days to go before polling day, how Christians vote in the 2015 General Election matters like never before according to the CEO of one of the UK’s largest Christian charities. Nola Leach of CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) made the comments at the launch of the charity’s new election website […]

Following a four day Judicial Review at the Court of Session last year, Lord Pentland today overruled objections raised by CARE in Scotland and other Christian groups to the Scottish Government’s ‘Named Person’ scheme. In a written judgment, Lord Pentland concluded the ‘Named Person’ scheme does not breach human rights and data protection laws. CARE […]

Traditional families with one stay at home parent have suffered a sharp decline in living standards according to a new report. ‘Households Below a Minimum Income Standard’, the latest publication from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, shows the percentage of one-earner families with children falling below the Minimum Income Standard in 2012/13 increased significantly to 51 […]

Lord Morrow’s ground breaking anti-slavery Bill, the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland) 2015 received Royal Assent late yesterday. The landmark piece of anti-slavery legislation, the first in the UK for more than 200 years, includes a range of clauses providing better support for victims and ensuring tougher […]

CARE has launched a petition calling on the Home Secretary Theresa May to provide stronger rights for victims in the Modern Slavery Bill. The Modern Slavery Bill is now a poor relation in terms of victim protection when compared with laws in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Bill that recently passed the Northern Ireland Assembly […]

The UK Government has announced draft regulations that could see the creation of three parent children as early as October 2015. The proposals, introduced by Public Health Minister Jane Ellison yesterday would mean the UK becomes the first country in the world to allow three parent embryos. The regulations are hugely controversial, not least because […]

Two midwives who were fighting for the right to refuse to be part of managing the process of providing abortions have lost their case in the UK Supreme Court today. Glasgow born Mary Doogan and Connie Wood claimed they had the right to not participate due to a clause in the Abortion Act (1967). Their […]

The Welsh Assembly has soundly rejected the principles of Lord Falconer’s controversial Assisted Dying Bill. In a vote last night, 21 members voted against a Motion tabled by a cross party group of AMs calling on the Assembly to support the Bill. Just 12 voted for the Motion and there were 20 abstentions. This represents […]

Members of the House of Lords have called on the Government to strengthen the rights of victims in the Modern Slavery Bill. During the Committee stage of the Bill yesterday (8 December) Peers debated amendments on the provision of child trafficking advocates and support for victims. Child trafficking advocates Clause 47 which requires the creation […]