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There has been increased media coverage of human trafficking over the last week with several key stories hitting the headlines.  Unfortunately, some fundamental misunderstandings seem to have been repeated across the media.  It goes to show there is still work to be done to raise awareness of just what human trafficking is. Last week, 20 […]

Cameron: “we will help people come together and stay together” CARE warmly welcomes the comments of David Cameron this morning that new policies will be examined for their impact on the family, with policies that fail to support family life not being allowed to proceed. Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, the Prime Minister said: […]

The Christian charity CARE publishes new polling today demonstrating that those who support assisted suicide in principle switch to opposition when presented with the reality of assisted suicide in practice. CARE’s Chief Executive, Nola Leach, commented on the findings:  “We can see how support for assisted suicide changes as soon the realities of what it […]

CARE has long campaigned for the recognition of marriage in the tax system through the introduction of transferable allowances, allowing a stay at home spouse to transfer their tax allowance to a working spouse. Our tax system always used to recognise marriage in the tax system through the Married Man’s Allowance and then through the […]

Today, 30 July, marks the first ever World Day Against Trafficking in Persons! As part of the global community, we would like to take this day to pay tribute to the victims of human trafficking and to raise international awareness of this crime. Human trafficking is a worldwide tragedy, preying on the most vulnerable in […]

How can Christians hold firm to the truth that all life is precious and worth protecting in a society which says autonomy and individualism matters more?  How can Christians be wholly distinct as those who trust God with our lives in this world and that to come and – even more so – our death […]

This is the final blog in a series published ahead of the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill tomorrow. The pro-euthanasia and assisted suicide lobby will often present the view that helping someone else to end their life is the most loving and compassionate thing to do. But surely the most compassionate thing to […]

This is the sixth blog in a series ahead of the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill on Friday 18th July. There have been tragic cases of people suffering from a terminal illness who want other people to help them end their life. It is important however that we do not lose sight of […]

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has expressed his support for Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill which has its first debate in Parliament on Friday. The Bill would make it legal in England and Wales for a terminally ill, mentally competent adult with less than 6 months to live to be helped to kill themselves. […]

This is the fifth blog in a series ahead of the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill on Friday 18th July. The principal role of the doctor has always been to relieve suffering and treat illness. The basic tenet of the Hippocratic Oath is to “do no harm.” However, this is corrupted by the […]