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The UK Government has announced draft regulations that could see the creation of three parent children as early as October 2015. The proposals, introduced by Public Health Minister Jane Ellison yesterday would mean the UK becomes the first country in the world to allow three parent embryos. The regulations are hugely controversial, not least because […]

Two midwives who were fighting for the right to refuse to be part of managing the process of providing abortions have lost their case in the UK Supreme Court today. Glasgow born Mary Doogan and Connie Wood claimed they had the right to not participate due to a clause in the Abortion Act (1967). Their […]

The Welsh Assembly has soundly rejected the principles of Lord Falconer’s controversial Assisted Dying Bill. In a vote last night, 21 members voted against a Motion tabled by a cross party group of AMs calling on the Assembly to support the Bill. Just 12 voted for the Motion and there were 20 abstentions. This represents […]

Members of the House of Lords have called on the Government to strengthen the rights of victims in the Modern Slavery Bill. During the Committee stage of the Bill yesterday (8 December) Peers debated amendments on the provision of child trafficking advocates and support for victims. Child trafficking advocates Clause 47 which requires the creation […]

Northern Ireland has stolen a march on all the other home nations by introducing the UK’s most extensive human trafficking law. The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill was voted through at Final Stage and, once it receives Royal Assent, will be the first dedicated anti-slavery legislation to be passed into law by any UK parliament […]

On Wednesday, Baroness Howe’s online safety amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill was defeated in the House of Lords by 124 votes to 65.  Although we are disappointed by the result, there are a number of positives to be drawn from the debate and neither we nor Baroness Howe are giving up! Baroness Howe’s amendment […]

The Modern Slavery Bill reached the House of Lords this week giving Peers their first opportunity to debate the Bill. Whilst all those who spoke during the Second Reading debate welcomed the Bill many Peers also pointed to aspects of the Bill they believe need to be strengthened. We were especially encouraged that several Peers […]

Amendments criminalising the purchase of sexual services were debated in the House of Commons yesterday(4 November) during Report Stage of the Modern Slavery Bill. The amendments were tabled by Fiona Mactaggart MP and co-signed by 31 MPs from five different political parties. This debate followed the recent vote to create such an offence in Northern […]

A Bill that will radically reshape legislation on human trafficking and exploitation in Northern Ireland is moving towards its final stages following significant votes this week. In a marathon session lasting into the early hours of Tuesday morning (21 October), Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly debated the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and […]

PRESS RELEASE Social policy charity CARE welcomes historic Northern Ireland Assembly votes to criminalise paying for sex by 81 votes to 10 and to introduce statutory child trafficking guardians late on Monday night and early Tuesday morning. These votes took place during the Consideration Stage debate on Lord Morrow’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill which […]