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CARE for Scotland

CARE for Scotland is a servant of the Scottish Church. We seek to provide a toolkit of resources for Christians to tap into so as to upskill on important family and ‘image of God’ issues that we face in society today. We are always striving to grow this menu of items and we hope you continually find this page a ‘go to’ place to make use of meaningful resources. Enjoy!

Biblical Resources

1. What Does the Bible have to say about Human Trafficking?


Women & Porn seminar
featuring Liz Kalsi and Bethany MacDonald
Three key areas are addressed here: (i) What do you do if you discover your husband is addicted to porn? (ii) What if you as a woman are addicted to porn? (iii) How do we keep our children safe from porn online?


Isaiah 61.1-4 sermon – The heart and vision behind the work of CARE for Scotland – Beginning Restoration

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