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Encouraging and supporting the Christian community in Scotland as it seeks to be salt and light in the nation.

The Debate on Scottish Independence

As summer comes to an end, the debate around Scottish independence is reaching its zenith.  Although CARE for Scotland does not take a position on the referendum, we believe it is a matter of of vital importance and have produced the below leaflet, which puts forward the views of two Christian politicians on opposing sides of the argument.

Read CARE’s leaflet about The Debate on Scottish Independence

8 Reasons to vote ‘Better Together’; 8 Reasons to vote YES.  (download the pdf)

Vote No ImageVote Yes Image









We hope that you will find this resource helpful, whether you have made up your mind or are still undecided how to vote on 18 September.

Scottish Christian leaders on either side of the Debate

We encourage CARE supporters to participate in elections in an informed manner. In order to help our supporters to do so with regard to the referendum on independence for Scotland, we have asked two Scottish Christian leaders from either side of the debate to give their personal reasons for how they intend to vote on 18th September.

Can a Christian vote for Independence? by David Robertson – minister of St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee and Director of Solas Centre for Public Christianity.

Why a Christian can vote for Britain by Alastair Noble – an elder of Cartsbridge Evangelical Church, former HMIE Inspector, an education consultant and prominent Christian speaker.

CARE remains neutral on the referendum and takes no side in the debate.

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