CARE is represented in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh; our CARE for Scotland
office is located in Glasgow:

CARE for Scotland
Challenge House
29 Canal Street,
Glasgow, G4 0AD

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CARE for Scotland is a servant of the Scottish Church.
We seek to provide a toolkit of resources for Christians to tap into so as to upskill
Christians and churches on important family and ‘image of God’ issues that we face in society today.
We want to provide the following threefold approach to engaging family and image of God issues -
political, pastoral and personal.

The National Director of CARE for Scotland is Stuart Weir, who works alongside our
Senior Scotland Policy Officer Gordon MacDonald and the wider CARE team.

To contact our CARE for Scotland team, email:
or telephone 0207 233 0455, to be put through to the relevant person.

Follow @carescot on Twitter and Like the Care for Scotland Facebook page.

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' In a time of massive social and potential political change, CARE is helping the Church, politicians and educators to be aware of the issues this brings and helping us consider how to work together to transform our communities. '

Rev David McCarthy, St Thomas' Episcopal Church, Corstorphine