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Northern Ireland has an “extraordinary” rate of problem gambling says Northern Ireland Office

12th Sep 2019
Mark Baillie

Real people suffering from gambling addiction today in NI are being let down with major damage being done to families and communities by the failure to reform the law and improve the level of support. We can and must do better. This is yet another reason why we need the Northern Ireland Executive to return.  

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Betting bosses admit harming problem gamblers

10th Sep 2019
James Mildred

Betting bosses from four of the UK’s biggest gambling firms have publicly admitted to MPs that they recognise the harm done by the betting industry.

Press Release: New report shows gambling law in NI is utterly inadequate

6th Sep 2019
Naomi Marsden

A new report from the Northern Ireland Office has exposed the shocking lack of support that currently exists for problem gamblers in NI.

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Problem gambling: a product of ideology?

4th Sep 2019
Naomi Marsden

Yesterday the Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry heard evidence about who should take responsibility for preventing problem gambling, and whether the existing legislation regulating the industry (the Gamb

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A Good Society: The Lure

4th Sep 2019
Stuart Weir

Without doubt gambling is one of those vices that has its deadly claws in the (future) lives of many.

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Tens of thousands of children enticed to bet online by gambling firms

20th Aug 2019
James Mildred

Tens of thousands of children are being lured into gambling thanks to the social media feeds of betting companies, an investigation has found.

Wayne Rooney holding a football shirt with young person watching in background

Sports minister urges Derby County to abandon Rooney deal with gambling firm

14th Aug 2019
Naomi Marsden

This week calls were made for Derby County and Wayne Rooney to reconsider their sponsorship deal with gambling firm 32Red.

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Huge rise in complaints to British gambling firms

12th Aug 2019
Naomi Marsden

Today it was revealed that there has been a 5000% increase in the numbers of complaints to gambling companies in Britain over the last few years.

Picture of fist with football shirt saying 'bet now'

Premier League Season begins: is your team sponsored by a gambling firm?

9th Aug 2019
James Mildred

With the new football season getting underway tonight, the scale of gambling advertising across England’s top two leagues has been revealed. Find out if your team is sponsored by a gambling firm. 

Wayne Rooney holding a football shirt with young person watching in background

Critics call out Wayne Rooney over new deal involving betting firm

8th Aug 2019
James Mildred

This week, former England captain Wayne Rooney caused controversy by signing a new deal with Derby County which involves him taking millions in pay while promoting an online casino.