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creepy eyes looking out on two young people

Named Person scheme finally dropped

19th Sep 2019
James Mildred

The Scottish Government has finally admitted defeat and dropped its controversial plans to appoint a state guardian for every young person in Scotland.

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Biased report on NI’s sex-buying ban lacks credibility

18th Sep 2019
Mark Baillie

The Department of Justice in Northern Ireland has published a report required under the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act 2015 into the operation of the newly introduced offence of paying for sexual services.

Pro-euthanasia group slammed for ‘irresponsible’ and ‘misleading’ video

16th Sep 2019
James Mildred

A pro-assisted suicide campaign group have been called out over a recent campaign video which has been branded ‘irresponsible’ and ‘misleading’ by the UK’s leading end-of-life care charity.  

Extreme abortion change in NI could leave health workers exposed

16th Sep 2019
James Mildred

Healthcare workers who conscientiously object to carrying out abortion procedures could be ‘exposed’ if the current law on abortion in NI is changed, a former midwife has warned.

graphic of a syringe with skull and cross bones on it

In Canada another assisted suicide safeguard could soon vanish

13th Sep 2019
James Mildred

One of the arguments those of us opposed to the legalisation of assisted suicide have often utilised is the danger of incremental expansion. This line of reasoning is more commonly known as the ‘slippery slope’ argument. It is very simple.

Northern Ireland has an “extraordinary” rate of problem gambling says Northern Ireland Office

12th Sep 2019
Mark Baillie

Real people suffering from gambling addiction today in NI are being let down with major damage being done to families and communities by the failure to reform the law and improve the level of support. We can and must do better. This is yet another reason why we need the Northern Ireland Executive to return.  

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Divorce Bill halted as new stats reveal impact of online divorce petitions

12th Sep 2019
Jonathan Williams

It has been all but confirmed by the Government that the Divorce Bill introduced earlier this year has fallen as a result of Parliament being prorogued. 

Private or Public Faith?

11th Sep 2019
Stuart Weir

With the gradual increase in secularisation, living a Christian faith in Scotland today is being squeezed. Secularists iterate that faith is to solely be a privately held matter and that it should not spill over into public life in any way.

Parliament draws attention to the dangers of NI abortion ‘limbo period’

10th Sep 2019
Naomi Marsden

Yesterday Parliamentarians in both Houses debated reports on the Northern Ireland (Executive Functions) Act, which passed through Parliament earlier this year.  One of these reports concerned the amendment which introduces a radical abortion law into

graphic of gaming machine

Betting bosses admit harming problem gamblers

10th Sep 2019
James Mildred

Betting bosses from four of the UK’s biggest gambling firms have publicly admitted to MPs that they recognise the harm done by the betting industry.

Tens of thousands outside Stormont in Northern Ireland

20,000 gather to stand for life in Northern Ireland

9th Sep 2019
Tim Martin

On Friday night (6 September), a huge protest took place at the Northern Ireland Assembly in opposition to the imposition of one of the most liberal laws on abortion in the world on Northern Ireland on October 22.

CARE NI to join thousands in silent protest at plans to liberalise abortion laws

6th Sep 2019
Naomi Marsden

Thousands of people, including a huge number of CARE NI supporters, are expected to join a silent walk today (Friday, 6 September) on Stormont in protest at Westminster’s imposition of extreme abortion laws on the people of Northern Ireland.