CARE CEO: Prostitution is exploitative and dangerous

The Chief Executive of CARE, Nola Leach has responded to recent remarks by Jeremy Corbyn where he said he favoured decriminalising prostitution.

Speaking at Goldsmiths University, the Labour leader told students: “I am in favour of decriminalising the sex industry. I don’t want people to be criminalised. I want to be in a society where we don’t automatically criminalise people.”

This seems to bring Corbyn’s views in line with Amnesty International who last year launched a global campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution.

However Nola said Corbyn had missed the point. Writing for Christian Today, the CARE CEO pointed out that prostitution is not like any other trade.

She stressed that if prostitution was decriminalised, it would mean: “a huge boost for pimps, greater freedom for brothel owners, an increase in prostitution levels and more fundamentally, more vulnerable men and women exploited for the use of their bodies.”

She also argued that prostitution is inherently exploitative, abusive and supremely dangerous and she called for better support for people wishing to leave prostitution.

Nola also set out arguments for criminalising the purchase of sex, which would shift the burden of criminality onto the buyer, rather than the seller. Northern Ireland is currently the only part of the country where it is illegal to purchase sexual services.

Corbyn's remarks were also criticised by a number of Labour MPs, including former deputy leader Harriet Harman who tweeted: "Prostitution's exploitation and abuse not "work/an industry". 

The Home Affairs Committee is currently examining potential reforms to the UK’s prostitution laws and is in the process of taking evidence.

Read the full piece by Nola on the Christian Today website here.


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