Nationwide abortion clinic buffer zones call rejected

13th Sep 2018 - James Mildred

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid today announced that the Government will not seek to impose nationwide buffer zones around abortion clinics.

His decision has been hailed by public policy charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) as a major victory for free speech and freedom of expression.

Campaigners and some MPs had been calling for nationwide buffer zones, claiming women experience intimidation and harassment outside abortion clinics and hospitals.

Nationwide buffer zones 'not a proportionate response'

But in his statement, the Home Secretary said that having reviewed the evidence, it was clear the majority of protests were passive in nature.

He went on to say: “I have therefore reached the conclusion that introducing national buffer zones would not be a proportionate response."

In 2017, abortion were carried out in 363 clinics and hospitals across England and Wales and there were 36 hospitals with pro-life vigils outside them.

Major victory for free speech

Responding today to the announcement, CARE’s chief executive Nola Leach said: “I’m delighted by the Home Secretary’s decision today.

“It is a major victory for free speech and civil liberties.

“Introducing nationwide abortion clinic buffer zones makes no sense and would lead to people effectively criminalised for praying.

“Many women have received support and practical help outside abortion clinics and this carefully considered decision is a victory for them.”

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