Over 100,000 Christians expected to be involved in 17:21 to showcase unity between Christian’s across UK

28th Feb 2017 - Rachael Adams

With over 100,000 Christians expected to be involved, 17:21 promises to be an exciting initiative that will spread unity between different churches and Christian groups across the UK.

17:21 has brought together leading Christian festivals and conferences that are happening this year.

Each participating event will read the same bible reading, prayer of commitment, a declaration of a shared life in Christ and play the same worship song. There will also be an artistic symbol of unity that will be transported to each event.

17:21 is based on the Bible verse John 17:21 ‘May they all be one that the world might believe’. With such a variety and range of well-known Christian festivals and conferences taking part in this significant show of unity, this offers a stunning visual representation of the bible verse in action.

With 2017 marking the 500th anniversary of the reformation, 17:21 offers Christians a chance to celebrate what unites us in Jesus and the calling to share the transforming power of the gospel.

17:21 will launch at Spring Harvest in April and run until October 2017.

Speaking about the 17:21 initiative:

Chief Executive of CARE, Nola Leach

‘17:21 is one of the most exciting initiatives towards unity across Christian groups that we have seen in our lifetime. It has been an immense privilege for CARE to be involved. It’s been great to see so many different Christian festivals and conferences want to take part in this initiative. It’s a significant reminder of just how much we share by believing in Jesus, and what we can achieve when we are united’

General Director of The Evangelical Alliance, Steve Clifford

‘It has been a wonderful privilege to see unfold before our eyes this amazing expression of unity across the diversity of the evangelical church here in the UK. We trust 17:21 will cause there to be smiles in heaven and greater effectiveness in Gods mission here on earth’.

Chair of the Event Planning Group at Spring Harvest, Malcolm Duncan

‘The 17:21 initiative calls all of us who stand under the shadow of the Cross to link arms in the great responsibility that God has given us – presenting a living Saviour to a dying world. I have been humbled and thrilled to be part of this call to the festivals, conventions and Bible weeks in the United Kingdom to declare that we are united by far more than what divides us.  May God take us beyond structural and mechanistic unity and give us the boldness and courage to stand together for Christ.’

Chair of Trustees at Word Alive, Hugh Palmer

'When we stand together for the one Gospel we can expect the prayer of Jesus in John 17:21 to be fulfilled'

Director of the One People Mission, Yemi Adededi

‘The joy of engaging great multitudes of believers from nations, tribes, tongues and language to declare the unity we all share in Jesus through our various festivals and celebrations in 2017 will be a divine manifestation of the John 17:21 declaration’

Festival Director at Creation Fest, Sarah Yardley

‘The 17:21 project has already been a catalyst for greater unity among the leaders of Christian festivals, and I pray it will be fruitful at our event this year. May many people know the life found in Christ through believing in 2017’


Notes to the editor:

For more information please contact Rachael Adams on 020 7227 4708 / 07851 153693 or Rachael.adams@care.org.uk

Email enquiries to Michael Quantick: 17.21@jondor.co.uk

Further details and a full list of participating events are available from the website: https://1721.org.uk

The initiative was developed by Lyndon Bowring (Executive Chairman of CARE), Nola Leach (CEO of CARE), Steve Clifford (General Director of The Evangelical Alliance) and David Coffey (former President of The Baptist World Alliance).

Most participating Festivals are members of the Evangelical Alliance, although some evangelical gatherings are taking place because they align themselves with the purpose of 17:21. 


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