Tim Houston talks to UCB about Engage17 and How to Get Involved in the Upcoming Elections

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Tim Houston, CARE's Churches and Development Officer in Northern Ireland spoke to UCB about Engage17 - a key resource that helps voters and churches to engage with the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections happening on March 2nd.

Tim Houston on Engage17: 'It's this hub of prayerful thought around some core spheres that we have in society'.

Tim spoke about different resources people can utilise on the website - information on candidates, key questions to ask candidates and also step-by-by step guides for churches on how to hold their own hustings.

UCB Presenter, Paul Hammond urged voters to check out the Engage17 website and for Christians to get involved in the election: 'The political conversation around our nation will go on with or without us. If we want to see things improved and changed we need to make sure we are part of it. 

Listen to the interview in full below.

Click here to visit the Engage 17 website




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