Time to ban prostitution adverts

5th Jun 2015 - James Mildred

Leading Christian charity CARE (Christian Action Research & Education) is backing an historic attempt by a senior Peer to ban prostitution adverts from newspapers and online sites across England and Wales.  

Lord McColl of Dulwich is behind the recently published Bill.

The legislation would make it illegal to place adverts for sexual services in local and national newspapers as well as online news websites.

Speaking after the Bill received its First Reading, Lord McColl argued that because it is illegal in Britain to organise prostitution, it is inconsistent that it is legal to advertise prostitution.

CARE's Director of Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Dan Boucher said the change in the law was vital to ensure victims of exploitation were properly protected.

He said:

“Behind many of the adverts you can read and see in newspapers and online is a grim reality of exploitation of vulnerable people.

“Lord McColl is absolutely right to seek a change in the law and CARE wholeheartedly welcomes his attempts to raise awareness on this issue.

“We believe action on this issue is vital because at present, the law is far too inconsistent.”

Lord McColl said:  

“The fact is it is illegal in this country to organise prostitution yet perfectly legal to advertise it and this makes no sense.

“By simply leaving things as they are we are only encouraging a consumerist approach to sex in society where people are mere commodities.

“It is a grim reality, but true nevertheless that many adverts for sexual services in newspapers and online are a front for exploitation and coercion.

“While some choose to offer sexual services, there is clear evidence to suggest many are being exploited and abused and do not have this choice.

“We should be seeking to defend and help such people and introducing an advertising ban would be one way of doing so.

“My Bill seeks to address this issue by banning the advertising of sexual services both in print media and online.”


Notes to Editors:

For interview requests please contact CARE’s press office on 0207 227 4731 / james.mildred@care.org.uk

You can read the Bill right here.



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