We have a variety of resources to help you and your church or action group engage with this issue. Some of our materials are available in print, if you would like printed copies please phone us on 020 7233 0455.

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Human Trafficking leaflet (Updated February 2019)

Human Trafficking briefing (Updated January 2019)

Human Trafficking Prayer Resources (Updated 23 July 2018)

Model Order of Service (Updated 24 July 2018)

Spotting the signs of trafficking

Video clips

Resources for Christian leaders

Human trafficking news 


The Law

Human Trafficking Leaflet (Updated February 2019)

This leaflet gives an introduction to the issue of human trafficking, what CARE is doing and how you can respond.

Click here to download (pdf).



 Human Trafficking Supporter Briefing (Updated January 2019)

This four page briefing gives a detailed overview of the issue of human trafficking and our work in the area.  Click here to download (pdf).


Human Trafficking Prayer Resources (Updated 23 July 2018)

These prayer resources will help your church or small group to pray for change.

Click these links below to download the resources:

- A pdf which you can print out or view as a slideshow.


Model order of service ( Updated July 2018)

This service outline contains all you need to hold a special church service on the themes of justice, modern day slavery and freedom for Anti-Slavery Day (18 October) or other similar occasion.  Click here to download (pdf)


Spotting the signs of trafficking

The charity Hope for Justice has some key indicators of modern slavery on their website here.

This leaflet from the UN gives a comprehensive list of the signs a person might have been trafficked. Click here to download pdf.

The Government has also produced these fact sheets about the specific signs of trafficking common in different industries. 


Video clips

1.  BBC Scotland produced the hard hitting investigation into "Humans for Sale"  in 2017. There is a 7 minute clip below, to watch the full 1 hour programme click here.



2. To mark the coming into force of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 the BBC 10 O’clock news presented a special series of reports on trafficking in the USA, UK and Nigeria.  Watch these excellent, though disturbing reports in this combined video (18 mins long) below.



3. Watch Ope's story of being trafficked into prostitution in the UK featured on the Victoria Derbyshire programme.


4. This Home Office  film that lays bare the issue of modern slavery in the UK - this seven minute film, which includes interviews with front line professionals and charity workers from the NSPCC and ECPAT UK, features stark scenes of the most common types of modern slavery, such as sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. Watch the video below:


5. Many thought provoking short films inspired by the real stories of people trafficked in the UK were produced for the Unseen film competition. A selecion of their short films are available on the Unchosen website.


Resources for Christian leaders

If you are a leader of a church or small group we have some specially designed resources to help you explore this issue in more depth with your congregation, including Biblical Reflections, a 7 day prayer guide and discussion questions.  Download them here.


Human trafficking news

The news section of our website is the place to go for all the latest information.  Our dedicated human trafficking tag helps you to find the most recent news and comment on developments in the area of human trafficking.



Statistics on trafficking are only part of the story, but an important part. Click the links for the latest annual National Referral Mechanism data and Strategic Assessment from the National Crime Agency.


The Law

Information about the current law on human trafficking and modern day slavery in the UK, may be found here.

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Luke 4: 18, 19 (NLT)