Prayer Points

distressed young blonde woman with head in hands Ask God to provide for the emotional and practical needs of vulnerable women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy with no real support. Give thanks for Christian individuals, groups and centres offering a listening ear, information and help to consider alternatives to abortion and to counsel those with post-abortion concerns.

Creator God, we praise You for the dignity of every human being, created in Your image and precious in Your sight. Please help Christians to be courageous, wise and compassionate in defending unborn children, and to give understanding support to expectant mothers and fathers facing hard choices. Amen

Pray for Christian groups working in prisons among women who face unplanned pregnancies or are suffering mentally, spiritually and physically as a result of their abortion. Ask God to continue to open doors for this important ministry and to speak peace and forgiveness into their broken lives.

Please remember parents who have been offered a termination because their unborn baby has a disability. In Great Britain in 2016, 74% of unborn children identified with Down's Syndrome in utero were aborted.

Pray about the evidence that babies in Britain are being aborted because of their gender, as some people prefer to have boys for cultural, religious and economic reasons.

Pray for those MPs, Peers and others who are determined to reduce the number of abortions and to promote life-affirming law and policy across the United Kingdom.

Heavenly Father, we grieve for the innocent victims of a worldwide disregard for human life with over one million abortions taking place every month. We pray for the women in countries with the highest rates: Vietnam, Romania, Cuba, Russian Federation and Belarus. Amen

Give thanks for the many children who could have been aborted but were given the gift of life instead. Pray for God’s guidance and help for them and their parents, that they be blessed with joy as they grow.



' For behold, when the sound of your greeting came to my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. '

Luke 1: 44 (ESV)