Pioneering the Third Age

Pioneering the Third Age

Author: Revd Rob Merchant
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The Church in an Ageing Population

Rob Merchant explores the present day challenges of growing older while building on the inspiration of Scripture and early Christian writers. An inspirational must-read for church leaders keen to equip and inspire the older generation.

'The Bible is clear that God delights in using older people and I believe Rob Merchant's book will encourage Christians in their 60s and over to keep on seeking His will and anointing to serve Him for as long as they have the strength. ' - R.T. Kendall

'Never has 'old age' been in such great supply. There are ever growing numbers who are reaching retirement and then living longer than past generations. This presents our churches with a fresh challenge and unbounded opportunities. Rob Merchant's wise, thoughtful and insightful book is an invaluable tool to get churches started.' - Peter Meadows, Programme Director of

ISBN 978-0-905195-22-3
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